19. Female. Tattoo artist. Red head. Odaxelagniac.

I like dudes with tattoos, ladies with nice butts, and my cigarettes. Other than that I dislike pretty much everything. do not ask me: if you can see my nipple piercing, if you can see my hood piercing, if you can get a "private" viewing of my tattoos, if I'm single, Why I hate people.


Leftover Chinese and cheap alcohol

Attention Homestuck Cosplayers that Attend Cons in the Midwest


This is extremely important.

There is a girl on facebook who goes by Meega Makara and her tumblr is http://lots-and-lots-of-boobs.tumblr.com/.

If she adds you block her immediately.

She added me a day before Acen and seemed chill at first.

She called me cute and…

Didn’t you just add that person on fb like an hour ago jay?

Maybe if I sleep enough when I wake up everything will be ok

So I’m watching supernatural for the first time ever and… wow this is nothing like what tumblr makes it seem. Where is all the cute gayness

Someone bring me coffee and waffles. I’m sick and unhappy

Trevon needs to text me back

I need friends that don’t sleep again. I’m tires of being alone all night

The only time I post on tumblr is when I have something to say but I’m too afraid to let the people around me hear

Trevon thinks I’m a myth. What? Lol. He should message me and ask me for my number….

All I think about these days is nightmares and getting thinner

I can’t tell if he loves me or not anymore

How is it possible for someone to tell you to go kill yourself, and then for them to call back two minutes later and say there better not be a single mark on your arms? Really? You told me to kill myself, knowing that I had easy access to razors and a past of heavy self harming that almost resulted in me dying several times. What did you think I was going to do after you break my heart and then say something like that?